Your Smart Home Is Invading Your Privacy

Having a home full of smart devices can be very exciting to a home owner. Smart home devices make your life much easier considering the modern technology used in developing them. You are able to be updated on the current affairs, order cooking to be done, or your home to be cleaned up.  But are these smart devices only useful to your home or can they cause a threat to your smart home privacy?

Consider this situation,

You get home from work feeling tired after a long day of hard work and hot weather. You remove your shirt, sit on the couch and order your house assistant, “Jane can I get some cold drink?”

The next time you review the recordings on your home speaker, guess what you find, your conversation was all recorded. Think it hasn’t happened, think again.

Smarty Home Invade Privacy 2

You then get yourself thinking, what if you had done or said something that you wouldn’t want anyone to hear?

This is exactly what a smart house does to your privacy. As much as you own every device inside your house, the devices can take control of everything –from your television, security cameras, and smart speakers all the way to your microwave. When it comes to your home privacy, all the internet enabled devices you have around are never safe.  Let’s take a look at the major devices you have at home that poses great danger to your privacy.

Smart Home Speakers

As much as those speakers happen to be your best friend (since you can just command them to do whatever you want), at times they can end up being your worst enemy and can really betray you.


Everything you say is usually recorded in those smart speakers. Whether you own an Amazon Echo, Siri or Google Home, all these devices have the same level of creeping into your smart home privacy.

They are always listening

Smarty Home Invade Privacy 3

The devices are always listening to every single word you utter and store the data. The Amazon echo has built in speakers and microphone for capturing your voice.



Did you know that the connected cameras you have around your home can cause a real danger to your privacy? This includes security cameras, and even that little lens on your PC. Attackers can take control of those cameras and monitor every movement you make around your home. Do you have appropriate security to protect yourself from people remote accessing your smart devices?

Personal computers

The malware in your computer can take control of the webcam and record your actions, by taking photos and videos. Ever heard of the Miss Teen USA who was blackmailed by a hacker? The hacker took control of the poor lady’s laptop webcam and ended up recording videos of her.

Security cameras

Smarty Home Invade Privacy 4

Your security cameras; and mostly the off-shore-wireless security cameras have a history of recording a number of activities taking place in different homes within the globe. The cameras put your security at risk by recording all your activities to an online space where an individual can observe everything happening around your home if they breach your account.

Sharing data

Your smartphone can also be used to spy on you. The person you communicate with can easily track your location and monitor all your activities. The information you store on your smart device can also be hacked too.