3 Home Battery Solution Providers

The solar revolution seems to be taking shape in various regions of the world thanks to the several benefits of this renewable energy source. If you live where there is sufficient sunlight exposure, you can take advantage of solar panels and home battery solutions to save extra money of your energy bills.

There are various home battery solution providers in the market that are ready to help convert your home into solar power. While most of them will get the work done, not all can be trusted to meet your unique requirements. It is advisable to carefully review each provider before making a selection. Fortunately, trustworthy battery solution providers have several hallmarking attributes to distinguish them.

You can start by looking up previous user reviews, solution plans, energy produced, guarantees and warranty among other things. Here is a look at the three top home battery solution providers in the market:

1. Tesla Powerwall

This is by far the most popular and reputable solar power provider in the market. Ever since they acquired Solar City, the company has grew exponentially and now offers both solar panels and home battery solutions.

They also provide consultancy and installation as well as maintenance services. Their most popular offer is Tesla Powerwall 2, a 264 lbs lithium-ion battery that can be wall mounted for space efficiency. One unit stores about 14kWh energy and you can link up to 10 units depending on your energy requirements.

Tesla Powerwall manufactures the battery module and package while Panasonic provides the cells. Installing a single unit costs around $11,000 and includes both battery and solar roof shingles designed to look like the roof for better aesthetic view.

2. LG Chem RESU

LG Chem can be rightfully considered the closest competitor of Tesla Powerwall and has amazing offers for clients that want to incorporate solar power into their homes. LG Chem partnered with Sunrun (a solar company) and the end result was powerful home battery solutions that hold up to 9.8kWh of energy per unit. There are lower voltages and clients can get installations from as low as $4,000 which is arguably quite affordable compared to other competitors in the market.

3. Mercedes

The German auto-maker already announced its partnership with Vivint to start selling their home battery solutions in California. Although the Mercedes units only hold 2.5kWh of power, they can be combined to produce up to 20kWh. By combining home battery with solar processing solutions, Mercedes can join the competition of prevailing providers like Tesla and LG Chem. The largest installation costs around $13,000 (for 20kWh).


There are several home battery solution providers including Nissan, BMW and Sonnen among others. It is important to involve expert advice before buying home batteries. This can help you determine the energy output and solutions you need for efficiency.

There are various things to review and plan. Nonetheless, solar power is one of the best solutions if you receive ample sunlight per year and can help you cut down energy bills. They also have minimal maintenance costs and can last several years without any breakdowns. However, these benefits are only possible if you choose top solutions like the three offers mentioned above.