How We Manage Content Creation At The Smart Grid Summit

As a team of smart tech enthusiasts we really want to share our passion for technology with our friends, family and any fans that happen to stumble across this page.

Up until now though we have been doing a fairly average job. Posts have been inconsistent and we have often forgot about blog ideas that we bought up over a drink or a meal.

That’s why we sat down and thought about a more appropriate way of managing content creation at The Smart Grid Summit.

Moving Off Email

slack dashboard

First of all we are moving off email for our daily chat back and forth. We are often sharing articles and new tech product releases with one another and while this doesn’t always relate to what we are doing with the Smart Grid Summit it does clog our inbox and make it easier for us to miss things.

We are not going to re-invent the wheel here. A number of use have previously used Slack in our workplace so that is going to be our go to communication tool for back and forward (and daily chat).

Managing The Content Creation Process


Task Pigeon Dashboard

To manage the flow of blog ideas and who is writing what we thought about using an Excel spreadsheet, but it didn’t really suit what we wanted to do.

We then thought about various task management tools but didn’t want something with a steep learning curve or something that was too complex.

We then stumbled across a tool called Task Pigeon that we have decided to adopt and use as our go to tool for managing all of the things we want to do on the blog.

It’s a pretty simple set up for us at the moment. We use Task Pigeon to create categories for blog post ideas, blog posts we are writing and blog posts that are scheduled to be published.

With the drag and drop nature of the tool it is easy for us to move a blog post from one category to another as it gets closer to being published.

Upping Our Social Game

hootsuite dashboard

Being honest traffic is pretty low. It’s probably only our mum, dad and uncle Jim reading this at the moment so we have thought about how to increase traffic to our blog.

Apparently social is where it’s at. So we are trying to be more active on Twitter and are also looking at other social channels to promote our content.

To help in this space we turned to Hootsuite because they have a free tier for up to three social profiles.

We find the tool has a few extra bells and whistles that we don’t need yet, but what we do like is the ability to easily schedule our content. We are also going to start sharing other articles that we like as well and Hootsuite will also assist with that.

So there it is folks, the strategy we are going to use to manage content create from now on at The Smart Grid Summit.