How To Save Electricity At Home

Have you ever thought that doing a simple thing as turning off unnecessary lights can go a long way in reducing your electricity bills?

Saving electricity is among the major things that need to consider in every household. Efficient use of electricity in your home means less use of fossil fuels (you won’t need to burn organic matter to generate energy), less pollution and low bills for you in the long run.

Ways to save electricity at home

Saving electricity simply means that you should only use electricity when necessary to avoid wastage. The amount of electricity you use at home can be minimized in various ways


Turn off the lights when leaving the room. This is usually a rule for every kid. As simple as it may seem, this can save you hundreds of dollars every month. To save electricity at home, it is important to turn switch off the lights during the day.

Use energy saving bulbs

Energy saving bulbs consume less electricity and can save up to 90% of energy consumption. These bulbs also last longer and they come in multiple colors, making your home more attractive at night.

Security lights

Having your path lights on all night long consumes a lot of electricity. Instead, of using the lights for security purposes, you can opt to buy an automatic security lights system with motion will alert you of any unwanted visitors around your property at night.

Lighting your garden

If you use decorative lights to compliment your garden at night, try replacing it with solar powered lights that can charge during the day and give your garden that beautiful glow at night.

Sit in one room

Instead of scattering all over the house at night, why not sit in one room and enjoy a family dinner together?

  • this will be an opportune time to bond with your family
  • it means lights in the other rooms will be off and in this case, you will be saving yourself a lot of electricity bills

Standby power

Did you know that leaving your charger on the socket, even when your phone is not charging, consumes electricity? Well, it actually does, and you will end up paying a lot of unnecessary bills.

  • Shut down your computer or unplug it from the socket when you are not using it
  • Unplug the TV, radio and all other appliances after use
  • After charging your phone, do not forget to unplug your charger

Home appliances

The appliances you use at home can consume a lot of electricity and especially;


Get something more productive to do rather than watching television to the whole day. You can limit the number of hours you watch the television by visiting friends, reading magazines or spending time with your kids. Encourage your family members to undertake better activities.  In this case you won’t only saving electricity but your health also. (Spending a lot of time the TV is considered an unhealthy act). You can also opt to use the LCD television which consumes less energy and is also more efficient.

Water heater

At what temperature do you keep your bathing water? Experts recommend that water heaters should be at a temperature of 120F. Overheating your bathing water will cause you a lot of electricity bills and can cause skin burns too.


How you use your fridge can make it one of the most expensive appliances you have. How can you effectively run your fridge to save electricity?

  • Ensure your fridge door is tightly sealed-in such a way that cold air cannot escape.
  • Keep your fridge temperature at between 4° to 5°

Plant trees

Sounds weird but yes, planting trees can really help you save electricity at home. If you strategically plant trees around your compound, they will bring in a cool breeze and protect your house from direct sunlight. You won’t need an air conditioner in this case. If you need cool air, you all need to open your windows. (And this does not require any form of energy). Furthermore, the trees will  help conserve the environment.