Bluesmart Series 2 – The Smart Luggage Review

The current world is technology-driven. In fact, technology has targeted almost every aspect of life ranging from learning to surprisingly, traveling, thanks to Bluesmart.

When it was first released to the market, Bluesmart managed to bill itself as the first smart luggage system, thanks to key features such as an app-controlled lock, USB ports, GPS tracking, proximity alerts, built-in scale, among other important features.

That was the first generation, again, Bluesmart is back with a bang to bring the second generation of smart luggage system- not one product this time, but four! They include cabin 22, check 29, laptop bag, and passport pouch. If you like, you may also refer to them as Bluesmart series 2 smart luggage system like most people are used to.

To unveil the amazing features, the article is all about the bluesmart series 2 review where we will look at the key features in cabin 22, check 29, and laptop bag.


Bluesmart is highly committed to ensuring that you enjoy frictionless travel. This time, it introduces an amazing traveling cabin that gives you the best traveling experience you’ve long craved for.


To guarantee you with durability, the cabin has 3 layers of Makrolon polycarbonate, top-class anodized aluminum, premium polypropylene and reinforced handlebar.

Gps Tracking

Being the world’s smartest cabin, you can locate and track this suitcase using 3G and GPS features. Losing the cabin is no longer something to keep you worried!


Besides, you no longer have to get worried about the irritating battery-low alerts. This smart cabin can charge your devices ranging from smartphones to the latest laptop generation when on a move.

Locking technology

To provide you with a peace of mind, the cabin uses one of the smartest technologies controlled by high-precision sensors which keeps the cabin securely locked when you want it that way but also unlock with ease when you want it to. This means that you can lock the suitcase from your phone. It is compatible with iOS and Android.


  • Friendly purchasing and returning terms
  • It is lightweight
  • It is made of high-class materials for durability


  • The 38-liter capacity may not be enough for most people.


Also coming from Bluesmart, series 2 check is yet another suitcase featuring smart technology to improve your traveling experience.


Series 2 check is well-equipped with 3G cellular, data, and the Global Positioning System (GPS). This technology allows you to easily track the location. Therefore, whenever you lose it, no more headache, things just got smarter!

Super Charging

Just in case you are on a journey and realized that your device is running out of power, with check 29″, there is no need to worry, it keeps your device powered using the supercharging feature. It comes with a high-quality built-in battery with a battery-life of up to a month! Yes, 30 days. It also features USB ports that allow you to charge the Check suitcase whenever the need arises.

Auto-locking feature

Just like the cabin 22″, Check 29 allows you to remotely lock it using an App from your phone. This is aided by the Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology it is equipped with.


This check suitcase comes with a large 80-liter capacity which provides you with enough room for accommodating all your stuff.


  • It features 4 built-in sensors that ensure you don’t overpack
  • You can now know the weight of the suitcase by simply checking it from the App.
  • It can easily sync with your flight


  • The price may not suit everyone’s pocket.


Considering the unique features this 15-inch laptop bag comes with, we are safe to say that this is the best laptop bag on the market. It combines style, durability, technology, and class to give the best value to the users. Let’s take a look at the outstanding features it comes with;

Tracking System

Bluesmart laptop bag comes with Bluetooth location tracker that helps you locate the bag. Besides, to guarantee your essentials with safety, it is also equipped with distance alerts to notify you whenever you are living the bag behind.


With this laptop, you can keep all your devices powered, including your laptop. Moreover, for added safety, you can now charge your laptop when still inside your bag. The two USB ports mean that you can charge two devices at the same time,- no more turn-taking.
Although the battery can be recharged in 2 and 1/2 hrs, it can go for as long as 30 days! Just in case you want to charge your device away from your phone, you can easily detach the portable power bank and charge your device from wherever you want.

Phone Finder

I often misplace my phone. Come on, this is something that has happened to most of us. This Bluesmart laptop bag comes with phone-finder feature which makes your phone ring at a press of a button.

Excellent Tailoring

Bluesmart bag features two front-pockets that are perfectly made to fit your passport and cell-phone making them easily accessible whenever needed. Besides, it is made using high-quality waterproof material in the interior and exterior part.


  • This bag only weighs 1.5 kgs
  • The removable power bank adds convenience in charging
  • The premium buckles guarantees you with durability
  • It comes with a unique phone-finder feature that helps to locate your phone just in case of misplacement.


  • For those who do not like the black color, unfortunately, they have no other option.


As seen in this bluesmart series 2 review, you can now travel without worrying about safety of your essentials and your devices running out of power. Just as the name suggests, this luggage system features a combination of smart features to deliver value that every traveller wants. Why not give a shot?