Amazon Echo Spot Review

Can “alarm clocks” make a come back? Probably not, but Amazon just released something to take its place with the latest version of the Amazon Echo Spot!

Unlike your alarm clock of yesterday the Amazon Echo Spot comes with Alexa built into it. This means that it features the latest technological advancements including weather reports, home control, internet browsing and playing your favorite music.

Here is a brief review of the Amazon echo spot including its hardware and software specifications as well as pros and cons:

Amazon Echo Spot – Hardware Specs

The first thing that will captivate you about this smart alarm clock is its design.

It has a cute little design that can features a circular touchscreen that is nothing like the blocky Echo Show. There are three buttons at the top including a volume +, volume – and one that disables the camera and mic.

Eco Spot also features a camera at the top section of the screen and inbuilt speakers that can also connect via Bluetooth. It is a rather tiny angular screen ideal for a desk or nightstand.

A 3.5mm port is provided for headphones and a flat base that secures the clock firmly on the surface to prevent sliding or rolling.

Other features include a microphone array and a power port for its rechargeable batteries. The clock weighs about 14.8 oz and comes in black or white colors.

Amazon Echo Spot – Software applications

In addition to an attractive design, Amazon Echo Spot has exciting software applications that make the experience like no other. You can take pictures and videos with the camera or even make video calls.

The smart clock also connects to the internet using wi-fi allowing you to browse music within the Amazon library. You can listen to audio books, stream live weather reports, browse lyrics and video flash briefings among others.

However, the most interesting application used in Echo Spot is Alexa. This cloud based voice service has profound knowledge in various areas and can be used to play music, read books, set alarm music, answer questions and control smart homes.

Alexa can be integrated with various technologies to make your life more convenient. You can tell Alexa to show baby monitors, turn on lights, show front house camera and lock doors, control garage doors, TV set and thermostats among several other functions.

There are literally thousands of things you can do with Alexa ranging from controlling in-house items like TV to ordering pizza and hiring uber services. Using the Alexa app, you can instantly connect to other Echo devices and make hands-free calls.

You can get starter kits for integrating it with brands such as Ring, Wink, Philips Hue, SmartThings, WeMo and ecobee among others.

Amazon Echo Spot – Pros and Cons

Although Amazon Echo Spot offer several straightforward benefits, it does come with a few concerns that will hopefully be addressed in future releases. The pros can be summed up as follows;

  • Has a crisp and clear speaker
  • Ergonomic bright display with large text font and time 24/7 time display
  • Has a strong microphone pickup so you won’t need to shout
  • Has multi-room play function that allows you to play music in different rooms
  • Has the functionalities available in all other echo devices
  • Can be used to make calls, view weather reports and create to-do lists

The cons include;

  • Small 2.5 inch screen; can be strenuous to watch a video
  • Only a few 3rd party apps actually use the display
  • Has few buttons; sometimes barking out commands is not the easiest or convenient thing to do
  • Does not work with most home control devices

Amazon Echo Spot is a unique addition to the echo devices that provides an ideal entry point for people who want to benefit from Alexa and new smart tech that is emerging in the home. At around $129, it depicts value for money in my opinion.