5 Smart Devices for the Kitchen to Make You an Expert Cook

When it comes to kitchen matters, we at times experience a lot of difficulties when fixing meals. We always have issues with the types of cooker we use which at times make the food overcooked or even burnt. We then the end up getting frustrated for not prepared the meals the way we would want them to be-well prepared and delicious.

But, through the use of the modern technology, cooking appliances have been development to help us   save the time we spend preparing meals in the kitchen. They can efficiently prepare meals with the minimum time possible and guess what; you don’t have to stay in the kitchen the whole time your meal is being prepared. You only need to fix the recipe and the cooking devices will finish the work for you. The smart devices for the kitchen that can help you prepare perfect meals include;

Anova Wi-Fi Sous Vide Precision Cooker

anova sous vide cookerThe Anova Precision Cooker circulates water around the pot. The circulation prevents hot and cool spots from forming in the water to ensure an even temperature throughout your food. Food never overcooks. It’s just how you like it, every time.

  • Wi-Fi enabled

Anova WI-Fi sous vide makes it easier to take your meal while sharing a good time with the people you love.

  • Voice controlled cooking

With the technology involved in manufacturing this cooking equipment, you are able to prepare your dishes by use of a voice command-how incredible! The voice command settings work with the aid of Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices

  • Temperature control

The method of cooking involves slow preparation of food in a tight air bag (by use of hot water or temperature controlled steam). Anova is structured in a way that makes it almost impossible for your food to overcook or burn.

  • Minimal preparation time required

The food takes very little time to get ready. You also do not need to worry about taking late dinners anymore. Anova helps you spend very minimum time in the kitchen.

  • Increased pump speed

Do you plan to throw a party soon? No worry. Anova has a high pump speed which will enable you prepare meals for a large number of people–and the results never disappoint.

  • Variety or recipes

Forget about spending time on the goggle app to get recipes of the dishes you want to prepare. You can get access to a large collection of souse vide recipes directly at your fingertips. The recipe are available free of charge in the Anova culinary app.

Crock-Pot WeMo Enabled Smart Slow Cooker

wemo smart cookerThe WeMo Enabled Smart Slow Cooker is another type of smart device in the kitchen that can tremendously improve your cooking experience. You can now increase the time you spend with your friends and not worrying about preparing late dinners –it gets everything set and ready for you.

  • Adjust your cooking time

Getting home early enough to catch dinner on time can be impossible at times, especially when you are stuck in that unexpected traffic jam. The WeMo app in the smart cooker helps you adjust your cooking time by regulating the temperature.

  • Advanced technology

By use of the WeMo app on your smartphone or tablet,  you can easily monitor the remaining cooking time, change your cooking temperature to a desirable level , shift to warm mode settings or completely  turn off the cooker, from anywhere you are.no matter your location, you will always have your meals in control.

Tefal cook4me connect cooker

tefal cook4me imageIf you need a quicker and easier way to prepare delicious dishes, Tefal cook4me is worth your cash. This is a smart multicolored cooking device which is inclusive of variety of recipes and is convenient in preparing different types of meals. It has a high-tech pressure cooker and comes with more than 20 recipes.

  • Easy preparations

The recipe are easily prepared and do not require too much ingredients. You can actually prepare a meal for about 6 people in less than 5 minutes. Its features include 5 cook settings which are inclusive of pressure cook, steam brown, simmet and reheat.

  • Bluetooth connectivity

Tefal cook4me cooker is Bluetooth enabled to help you send different variety of recipes from the Tefal app to your device. The app enables you monitor whatever you are cooking via an android device.

Pantelligent intelligent frying pan

pantelligent on kickstarterThe Pantelligent intelligent frying pan device provides the easiest ways to make steaks, salons and other delicious dishes you like. It can prepare almost everything you want in a frying pan.

  • Temperature sensor

The frying pan has a temperature sensor that monitors your cooking temperature and notifies you on when to stir, add more ingredients to your food and when to adjust your stove heater. It also alerts you on when the food is ready.

  • Provides instructions

The app provides step by step instructions on preparing whatever you want to cook or include in your ingredients.

  • Pantelligent smartphone app

Temperature sensors communicate to the pantelligent smartphone app. Both the pan and app enables you cook perfectly to avoid undercooking, overcooking and burning your food in the kitchen.  You are able to know what the temperature of your cooker is and how hot it should be.

Weber iGrill2 smart meat thermometer

Weber iGrill2The Weber iGrill2 is a smart device for the kitchen that makes grilling easier, more convenient and much smarter. It tracks the temperature progress and readiness of your food through your smart device.

  • Delicious dishes

The food prepared by the smart meat thermometer speaks for itself. You can take your first meal with confidence knowing that your cooking equipment was keeping an eye on your food the entire cooking period.

  • Share your cooking experience

You can post photos of your iGrill meals on Facebook or twitter via the iGrill app. The pictures are shown to the iGrill community all over the globe.