3 Smart Home Speakers worth Looking At!

Have you ever wished you owned a smart home speaker?

There are a variety of available devices for you that can make your apartment a perfect smart home. These devices are more than just speakers; they are also device controllers, smart digital assistants and shopping tools.

The smart home speakers are especially convenient for the people who want to play music but do not want to fuse over remote and smartphones to select their playlists.

All you need to do is utter a trigger word and tell your smart speaker what to do or what you want to listen to, and it does it all for you. Besides, they also play the role of a PA for you, for instance, the smart home speakers can set alarms, make shopping lists and answer some Google search questions.

Anyone who wants to purchase a smart speaker will be interested in a device that can perfectly perform these functions. Among the best smart home speakers you can consider include;

Amazon Echo

Amazon EchoIf you always have an eye on smart home controls, Amazon Echo can make be best option for you. It provides you with a voice control over a wide range of smart home products and has a variety of unique features. This smart home speaker quickly listens and responds to commands from either responds to either ‘Alexa’ or ‘amazon’.

Advantages of amazon echo

Audio systems

Amazon echo has excellent audio systems which are inclusive of;

  • 7 microphones for listening
  • A 360 directions audio grill for speaking. Whenever you are at home, your Amazon Echo can hear you and you can also listen to it perfectly.

Confirming the time

With amazon echo, you do not need to bother looking at your phone to confirm the time. You can ask what the time is from whenever place you are within your home, and you get the answer immediately. This feature can be very useful especially in the morning when you are rushing to finish things up.

Know the weather

With this smart speaker, you do not need to check outside the window to confirm how the weather looks like. Amazon echo can accurately tell you what the weather is. It also updates you on the expected weather conditions during the day.

Music variety

Echo can play variety of music from different genres. It also works quickly to pause, skip and change your playlist whenever you want.

Need a ride?

Ask amazon echo. You can easily request for an Uber to pick you from your residence. You only need to activate the Uber skills on the Alexa app and you are good to go. You are also able to know where the closest cab is from your residence and the cost before making your order.

Updates you on the current affairs

‘Alexa, what is the news today?’

After you have set up your echo, you will be able to select the news sources where you want to be receiving updates from, including your local radio stations. If you ask Alexa on the current affairs, you can get the news directly from the sources you chose through the Alexa app

Disadvantages of amazon echo

  • Amazon echo only communicates in one language- English. If a user lacks some Basic English skills, they may not be comfortable using it.
  • There is no display of visual images. Compared to other smart home speakers like iPhone and Siri, amazon echo completely relies on its audio outputs
  • Cannot multitask. Amazon echo cannot do different tasks at the same time. Alexa cannot be given different instructions in a single sentence.

Google Home Smart Speaker

Google Home

Google home is a smart home speaker that comes with calendars, maps and chrome cast. You only need to give it a command and it does it all for you, including sending music to your television and turning your lights on. Google home picks information from your Google account and keeps you updated on almost every event.

What can Google home do?

 Search capacities

With Google home, you can easily search for information directly from Google, and it delivers the answers to you. If you are an incompetent cook, you can ask Google home for the ingredients that go with a particular meal, or find out how to get rid of stains from your white garments.

Multiple users

Google home can tell which speaker is giving instructions from their voice command. This helps users perform specific commands without switching their accounts. It is very convenient is homes that have multiple users

Playing music

Google hoe supports Google play and you tube music. This feature is exclusively available in Google home smart speaker.

Disadvantages of Google home

  • Google home has limited third party support. It is not accessible to third party applications and services. This reduces the number of devices that can work with Google home.
  • Just like amazon, Google home always listens, and waits for the keyword command. This affects individual privacy especially when it stores data without the user’s knowledge.

Apple Home Pod

apple homepod

This smart speaker from Apple can be among the best smart devices you can have at home. It is made with the most advanced technology and comes with the typical style you expect to see in an Apple product.

Advantages of apple home pod

Quality and attractive

Apple home pod is made in a cool cylindrical unit design. It is available in 2 colors, white and space gray. The smart speaker is actually very attractive to look at and can really complement your home

Highly convenient

It is highly sensitive to touch, which means that you can raise or lower the volume of your device be simply tapping it. It also does not transmit any data until it gets a voice command.

Advanced sound system

It gives you excellent audio experience from playing music to listening to the latest news; it is also able to capture your voice commands in very noise environments,


  • It is costly. If you want to own an apple home pod, you need to dig deep into your pockets. Apple home pod is more expensive compared to other smart home speakers available
  • Unlike Google home and amazon echo which are inclusive of music from Pandora spottily, Deezer and Google play music ,apple home pod is only limited to apple music.